Mind Balance

Mindfulness practice can bring your attention into the present moment, non-judgmentally, developing skills through mindful meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful way of controlling your mind. It is a Buddhist tradition that enables the mind to process and clear out negative thoughts, to eventually find spiritual and mental relaxation.

Mindfulness is a psychological process, enabling the here and now to be brought into the present moment. It is believed that the control over the mind, enables the body to heal, for example feeling stressed or angry can raise blood pressure, potentially causing a heart attack or stroke, these feelings can eat away at the body. Holding tension within you, which can manifest into physical pain and further health problems. I will always be mindful of the environment being created.

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Benefits of applying mindfulness:

  • Acceptance of others

  • Concentration reduces rumination, recovery from stressful events and emotional regulation (Able to see clearer and search for a solution)

  • Enjoy life (Become resilient/manage pain)

  • Health benefits - Relieves stress, anxiety (Reduces risk of depression)

  • Loose your mind and come to your senses

  • Recharge/Rebalance/Refocus (Improves quality of sleep)

  • Reduce worry and anxiety

  • Self-Awareness/connect mind and body (May help healthier eating habits (Self-awareness of body – allergies/intolerances)

  • Slow down/Calm (Clarity of the mind (Dealing with situations clearer, aiding mental health)

  • Self-care

  • Uncover deeper feelings and emotions

  • Can enhance memory (Decreasing the mind from wondering, improve concentration, learning and creativity)

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Ways I can help you apply:

  • Breathing exercise’s 

  • Eating and drinking (Mindfulness eating – listen your body)

  • Exercise

  • Explore where you are, in this moment right now

  • Grounding – Exploring the five senses (Taste, smell, touch, hearing, sight)

  • Meditation

  • Music

  • Walking therapy (Being at one with nature, explore your surroundings)