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Counselling Benefits

When life seems impossible, I will offer a safe space for you to explore a change in perception.

I will explore your inner conflicts, understanding these may lead to exploring what fuels these. What is miscommunicated more than anything else, and making meaning to what is unsaid can be a powerful process, one I will facilitate with you.

I will be curious, and together we can turn what is coming up into conversation. In your own time, in your own way, I will be there beside you. 

​Key Benefits to counselling I will provide:

​Better sleep

Collaborative counselling relationship

Coping techniques

Explore experience with developmental focus

Find joy in the here and now

Gain a different perspective 

Identifying patterns and reoccurring themes with feelings and emotions 

Interpersonal relationships explored

Non-judgmental relationship  

No pressure conversation

Provide great relief


Reconnection with others and the world

Regain wellbeing and balance 

Respectful Environment 

Safe exploration of fantasy life

Safe space

Set goals

Space to work through your problems


Unshakable bond

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